Eastern North Carolina Moisture Control Services

During a termite inspection for wood destroying insects, we also look for any moisture issues in your crawl and attic space. Using a moisture meter, we can determine and diagnose any potential problems in your crawl space. We consider this a standard practice because high moisture can be conducive to many different threats including various types of fungi, termites, and other wood destroying organisms such as powderpost beetles which are common in North Carolina.

Wood actually absorbs moisture from the air which is a common problem here in the south, including North Carolina where we have high humidity throughout the summer. The humid air comes into the crawl space and the wood members soak it up. This can cause wood-destroying fungi that promotes wood rot. It’s not the water specifically that makes the wood decay, it's the resulting fungi that begins to decay the wood.

Moisture in your home is a danger sign; it can cause wood decay, fungi, and can make your home the perfect breeding ground for termites. Once moisture makes its way to your home, it can penetrate even further if there is not enough ventilation. Attic spaces and crawl spaces are the most common areas of your home that are prone to this problem.

Many homeowners complain of humidity in their homes and the pest infestation that follows. It is essential to take appropriate humidity control measures to ensure the safety of your family and home.

A moisture control specialist can visit your home for an inspection. We will examine and identify moisture stricken areas of your home. Many homeowners experience this problem due to standing water and poor ventilation. The inspector will locate the cause of the humidity, and then recommend the right procedure to eliminate it to make your home safe.

We will create a customized moisture control treatment plan based on our observations. We use the safest; most effective methods available for humidity control, keeping the foundation of your home safe and strong.

If your home already happens to be the target of moisture and fungi, don’t worry! We offer affordable moisture removal services.

Identify moisture problems in your home:

Moisture is easy to identify because it leaves physical marks as it spreads, such as:
  • Musty odor and mildew
  • Scraped wall paint and wallpaper
  • Wood rotting and doors sticking
  • Loose floorboards with stains on them
All of these are signs of moisture problems. If you see any of these in your home, call us to have a look at the condition of your home. It is important to get professional help because DIY moisture removal methods typically don’t usually work.

Fix moisture problems in your home:

You can increase the airflow in the crawl space by adding more ventilation, which may mean cutting in new vents or installing power vents with fans that kick on during times of high humidity. These do work and can help to reduce the moisture content but they are more inconsistent when it comes to being able to predict how well they are going to control moisture.

The more predictable way to control the moisture is through a dehumidification system. You need a quality dehumidifier that is actually built for a crawl space environment, unlike those you find that are mainly designed for basements or climate-controlled settings. These cheaper versions will not last long in a crawl space environment compared to the ones designed specifically for crawl spaces which can last for years and years.