May 23, 2020

Termites are Swarming

If you notice termite swarmers around your home, in Eastern NC, then they are most likely subterranean termites. Swarming usually occurs during the daytime and is simply nature’s way of reminding you that termites are nearby. The swarmers likely came from a nearby underground nest. If most of the insects are found outdoors, then the nest is likely somewhere in your yard, possibly […]
February 27, 2020

What You Should Know Before Termite Swarming Season

Spring is right around the corner and with the warm days comes termite swarming season. In this part of the country the most common termite species is the subterranean termite, by far the most destructive termite species. These termites build distinctive tunnels, or mud tubes, to reach food sources and to protect the colony. Subterranean termites use their scissor-like jaws […]